About Us

Memories and times with loved ones will always signify our path in life as they become core memories of who we are. Paying tribute to our Dodecanese roots and honoring our family’s times in Katodio, the name of this development had to reflect all of these years and moments who took place on this actual site. The name Aposperia (αποσπερίζω) is an intimate vital habit of the Karpathian & Dodecanese tradition and one that the Maragkos family treasured every time they stepped their foot in Karpathos. It’s a moment of gathering with loved ones, a moment of togetherness and a moment of interaction that creates stronger ties between friends and family. In Karpathos, Aposperia is an act taking place usually during magic hour, after a long day of swimming and experiencing the island and calls for moments of complete relaxation, laughter, and carelessness.
We hope that you will find the time to experience this feeling and create moments that will become core memories, just like our family did before this area was built to pass our heritage and welcome you today!

Giannis Maragkos
Aposperia Owner